Labrosse Team Announces Re-Election Campaign in Hackensack

Posted by on March 17, 2017

Labrosse Team Announces Re-Election Campaign in Hackensack

HACKENSACK, N.J. — ¬†Mayor John Labrosse and his team are announcing their campaign for re-election in the upcoming May 9th Hackensack nonpartisan city council election. Finishing his first term as Mayor after another four years as a Council member, Mayor Labrosse has a demonstrated record of accomplishment including lowering property taxes, cleaning up city hall after decades of corruption and mismanagement and implementing the city’s highly successful Downtown Redevelopment Plan, which is generating over $1 Billion worth of new real estate value and revitalizing Hackensack. Mayor Labrosse is joined by Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino, Councilman Dave Sims, Councilman Leo Battaglia and Council candidate Stephanie Von Rudenborg on the “Labrosse Team — Lower Taxes, Honest Government” ticket.

Mayor Labrosse has released a campaign announcement video laying out the team’s record and vision for the community’s future that is available here:

“Hackensack is on its way to once again becoming the economic and cultural center of Bergen County and our team is running to keep that promise while continuing to lower taxes and invest in our city,” said Mayor Labrosse. “We are proud of our record and look forward to meeting our neighbors and sharing our vision for Hackensack’s future during this campaign.”

Mayor Labrosse, Deputy Mayor Canestrino, Councilman Sims and Councilman Battaglia were elected in 2013 when their team swept the city council race, defeating candidates backed by the Zisa family which had run city government for decades prior to the election. Since taking office they erased a $30 million budget gap left by the previous administration and implemented an economic redevelopment agenda that has incentivized a development boom in the city. This is leading to new tax revenues, allowing the Labrosse Team to cut the city’s tax rate in 2016 for the first time in over 10 years while also investing in recreation facilities and opening a new Performing Arts Center.


Mayor John Labrosse

A Hackensack resident for nearly 40 years, John Labrosse has worked to cut the city tax rate, revitalize the Main Street area and deliver honest, open government to the community. John works as a Safety Specialist at Hackensack University Medical Center, helping ensure safe operations at Bergen County’s premier hospital. He and his wife Debbie, a first grade teacher at Hillers School, have two adult sons and six grandchildren. John has been a dedicated volunteer recreation coach for decades, mentoring hundreds of kids in city baseball, football and wrestling programs.

Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino

Kathy Canestrino is a retired aerospace engineer with experience managing multi-million dollar budgets who holds a master’s degree in computer science. As Deputy Mayor, Kathy has been instrumental in creating tax incentives to attract new development to the city, resulting in over $1 billion in new real estate value and substantial new tax revenue. She and her husband Emil, a retired Hackensack Police Captain, have four children and six grandchildren and have lived in Hackensack for over 40 years.

Councilman Dave Sims

A lifelong resident of Hackensack, Dave Sims is a paraprofessional at Hackensack High School and he is the first African-American Police Commissioner in Bergen County history. He is the Director of Hackensack Junior Basketball and started the Junior Basketball Summer League Program in 1995, and now he’s the driving force behind the major expansion of the M&M Recreation Center. Dave attends New Hope Baptist Church and is the proud father of Ashley Monique Sims. He was recently honored with the Julian Bond Community Service Award from the Bergen County NAACP.

Councilman Leo Battaglia

A native of Ecuador, Leo Battaglia is a retired business owner who emigrated to Hackensack nearly 40 years ago. Leo founded the Hackensack Junior Soccer League in 1986 and has been a devoted recreation coach for decades. Thanks to Leo’s leadership Hackensack will soon open a new indoor sports dome, allowing our children to stay active and participate in sports programs all year long. Leo and his wife Maria-Helena have two children and five grandchildren.

Council candidate Stephanie Von Rudenborg

As a member of the city’s Planning Board, Stephanie Von Rudenborg has taken an active role in the revitalization of Hackensack and has worked to bring beneficial new development to the Main Street area. She has lived in the city for 10 years, works as a special education teacher in Ridgefield Park and is also a law school graduate who earned a Juris Doctorate. Stephanie and her husband Eric have three young children who attend local schools and are involved in recreation programs.

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