Hackensack United For Progress Ticket is Front for Zisa Machine

Posted by on March 20, 2017

The recently announced “Hackensack United For Progress” slate of Lara Rodriguez, Jason Some, Michael Williams, Carlos Merino and Rommy Buttafuoco is nothing but a front group for the corrupt and disgraced Zisa Machine. The slate has numerous clear ties to the Zisa family and their longtime allies, the same group that ran Hackensack with an iron fist and lined the pockets of their friends and supporters at the expense of taxpayers for decades until they were defeated four years ago by the Labrosse Team. The announcement of the opposition slate makes the stakes in the city’s May election clear — this decision by Hackensack voters will determine whether the city continues moving forward with the Labrosse Team or whether it falls back into the hands of the Zisa machine.

“The Hackensack United for Progress slate is the Zisa team, completely controlled by Ken and Jack Zisa. Their election would be a disaster for our taxpayers and our city,” said Mayor John Labrosse. “Hackensack residents made a clean break from Zisa control four years ago and we’re not going back now. Our city is finally moving forward and taking its rightful position as the economic engine of Bergen County, and we will not let the Zisas come back and stand in the way of that progress.”

Each of the Zisa-backed candidates have strong ties to the family and its associates, ranging from outspoken public support and friendship with the Zisas to business and employment ties to political connections. The Zisas and their allies have been planning their attempted political comeback for years and will be throwing everything they have into the campaign, from raising funds to organizing voters and much more.

The Zisa family has much to gain from a win in the May nonpartisan election — Ken Zisa is currently suing taxpayers for $30 million for alleged damages and “mental anguish” after he was arrested and convicted on criminal charges which were later overturned. Zisa has refused to drop the suit even after he was paid over $3 million in court-mandated back pay and legal fees. If Hackensack United for Progress wins the election, a new administration that Ken Zisa helped put in office would decide on whether or not to settle his case, setting him up for a major financial windfall. The new administration would also be able to re-hire Jack Zisa‘s insurance company and Joseph Zisa as City Attorney, in addition to the many other Zisa supporters who stand to gain financially at the city’s expense. Hackensack taxpayers cannot afford to allow that to happen.

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