Labrosse Team Demands Zisa Ticket Retract False Attack on HackensackUMC, Leave Hospital Out of Campaign

Posted by on March 20, 2017

The Labrosse Team is demanding an immediate retraction of false attacks leveled in a press release yesterday by the Zisa-backed Hackensack United for Progress campaign against Hackensack University Medical Center and Mayor John Labrosse. The press release alleged that HUMC, which is widely regarded as one of the region’s finest hospitals and is the city’s largest private employer, conspired with Mayor Labrosse to grant him a promotion in exchange for preferential treatment that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. This baseless allegation is a completely false and reckless attack on one of the city’s most important institutions.

This false, scurrilous attack on Mayor Labrosse and on Hackensack University Medical Center must not stand, and the Labrosse Team is demanding an immediate retraction and calling for the Zisa Team to leave the hospital out of the campaign going forward.

“It is disheartening to see our opponents demean Hackensack University Medical Center and try to use it as just another political punching bag,” said Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino. “The city and the hospital should be looked at as key strategic partners, not adversaries. We know that this will be a tough campaign and we are all prepared to be attacked by the Zisas, but we hope they will recognize that assaulting one of our city’s greatest assets for their own political purposes is just wrong. The Zisa ticket should issue an immediate retraction and an apology and should refrain from attacking Hackensack University Medical Center again.”


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