Poll Shows Labrosse Team ‘Well-Positioned’ for Re-Election, Zisa Brand Toxic

Posted by on March 20, 2017

An internal campaign poll conducted by one of the most experienced and respected research firms in the country shows Mayor John Labrosse and his team well on their way to victory in May. 69% of respondents view the Mayor’s job performance positively, while just 18% rate it negatively. Similarly, 64% have a positive view on the City Council’s performance, compared to just 23% with a negative view. Additionally, 56% say Hackensack is moving in the right direction compared to 21% saying it’s moving in the wrong direction.The poll was conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research in February and it contained a sample of 250 residents likely to vote in the upcoming May election.

“With their record of cutting taxes, cleaning up city hall and managing the city’s downtown redevelopment, it’s no surprise that Hackensack voters overwhelmingly support the Labrosse Team and want to see them continue moving the city in the right direction,” said Labrosse Team spokesman Philip Swibinski.

The polling shows that while the Labrosse Team is viewed very positively, the same can’t be said of the Zisa family which controlled city government for decades prior to the last election in 2013 and is now supporting the Hackensack United for Progress ticket. The Labrosse Team slate holds a commanding 37 point lead in a head to head matchup against a Zisa slate (51% to 14%) and both former mayor Jack Zisa and former police chief Ken Zisa have strongly negative favorability ratings.

When asked if they would support the Zisa family returning to power in Hackensack only 14% of voters respondend that they would, compared to 64% who would oppose Zisa control.

“Not only is the Labrosse Team broadly popular, the idea of giving control of the city back to candidates supported by the Zisa family is the last thing voters want,” said Swibinski. “The Zisa brand is toxic in Hackensack and this will act as a drag on the Zisa-backed Hackensack United for Progress ticket throughout this campaign.”

The Zisa family is supporting a ticket in the election known as Hackensack United for Progress, which consists of five candidates who all have close personal, business and political ties to the Zisas. Jack and Ken Zisa were both photographed at the HUP Team‘s Kickoff event, only a day after Ken Zisa told a reporter he was not involved in the campaign.

A memo from Anzalone Liszt Grove research summarizing the poll’s findings is attached.

About Anzalone Liszt Grove

Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (ALG) is a public opinion research firm specializing in message development and strategic consulting. For nearly 20 years, the firm has helped its clients achieve their goals, from clients ranging from President Obama, to EMILY‚ÄôS List, to Volkswagen. During that time, the firm’s work has been successful, strategic and accurate, with polling guru Nate Silver recently dubbing it one of the three most accurate pollsters in America.

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